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So, if I just started following you, there is two things you should know. I'm using another blog called Blistering Barnacle. I'll probably reblog you there, but I'll follow you with this one... because unfortunately Tumblr doesn't allow you to change your main blog, so there you have it. Home Message history random Theme
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❝ What doesn’t kill you gives you XP.


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My new motto.

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This blog is currently on hold. I’m out of ideas for it.

My main blog is now Billions of blue blistering barnacles!

al-berto : obrigada pelo follow (:

de nada :)

iammisai : bored

On most days, but not today. It rained while the sun was out. The scent of wet earth in the air. Perfect moment.

itsmesidney : misai by reading your picqoutes all i can say is uve loved so much and given everything and got hurt. Someday all the pain will fade misai. ^^

Thank you for your words. I just wish the pain would fade more quickly…


pearlaivee : i sooo love yer page :)

Thank you ^^